New Feature: Email-In is here!

New Feature: Email-In is here!

After many requests from customers asking if there’s a way to email in your requirements directly to your project, the answer is yes!  We have devised a way so you have your own custom project email address and basically anyone you want can email in requirements directly to the project.

Think how convenient this is. You can be sitting in traffic and have an idea for a requirement and send it in. Or anywhere on the go, just email in the requirement on your smartphone and it’s loaded into your project for your developers abroad to start working on.

How does it work?
You specify the name of your project and the project email address.  — something like “”.  Once you tell us the exact email addresses allowed we’ll hit a few buttons and you’re up and running.

How long does it take?
Well, not instantly because that would hammer our servers. But within a few minutes your requirement goes directly to your project.

How do I get started?
Send an email saying you’d like to be a beta participant and send us the details.

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