New Ajax Requirement Associations

New Ajax Requirement Associations

Happy Labor Day everyone,

Since we initially allowed our customers to have “many to many” relationships between their use cases, software requirements and business requirements, we created a user interface for this that fell a bit short — although got the job done.

We have finished a very slick new UX for allowing you to drag and drop requirements to associate with another requirement. Currently, we are *only* beta testing this when associating software requirements to use cases, but after a few weeks, we will gradually roll this across everything.

So check it out — from the use case detail screen when you want to associate some software requirements, you will click on the ‘software reqs’ link. (Go below image to see more)

Once you click that link, you will get the ajax overlay that will allow you to drag and drop records from the left side to the right side.

As usual, we love your feedback. Send any comments to and let us know what you think.


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