Conversion Optimization A/B Testing with Testimonial

Conversion Optimization A/B Testing with Testimonial

Remember when you were a kid and the teacher asked the class for a show of hands, and recall the hesitation to raise your hand until you saw other hands go up. Maybe not an exact comparison, but this anxiety is that of a few things — not wanting to be the first person to do something, and wanting to see credibility before you invest.

A credibility indicator is one that gives your site or page more credibility and one of the most powerful indicators is that of a Customer Testimonial. If you see that other customers who paid money for something found success or enjoyed the product, did that not reduce your anxiety?

In a recent study by, “anxiety” is defined as “a psychological concern stimulated by a given element in the sales process.” Anything that will make your customer hesitate is a bad thing. You want them to get through the sales funnel (or registration funnel) as quickly as possible before they change their minds.

Demonstrating that using a testimonial increased conversion by over 15%.

Demonstrating that using a testimonial increased conversion by over 15%.

What were the results? 15% revenue per visitor lift

On the payment page for this company, we took a few very simple testimonials on placed them on the bottom right page rail. After six days, we realized a 15% increase not in conversion, but actual revenue per visitor to the payment page.

Other variations to test

You will see later in our testing that this was just the first step. There are other ways to test testimonials.

1. Test different testimonials by gender and age
2. Using shorter or longer testimonials
3. Using one, two or three of them
4. Using Testimonials with pictures

Happy testing!

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