Gatherspace in search of bus-dev Partner (co-founder)

Gatherspace in search of bus-dev Partner (co-founder)

Our little company,, has been in business since 2006 as a beta and since then we’ve been chugging along with a handful of employees and contractors, building out our product and slowly increasing our customer base.  Watching the industry grow and new entrants into the market, we feel we’re at an ideal time to bring in a co-founder and funding.

current founders looking for bus-dev partner.

What we’re looking for is someone who can compliment our product, technology and marketing skills with hard-nose business development skills to help.
1. Increase our distribution reach
2. New channel partnerships
3. Strategic positioning in market
4. Bring in angel/venture funding

What we ALREADY have is:
a. Proven product in the market with plenty of traction.
b. Base of happy paying customers with a very impressive ARPU/LTV
c. Organic SEO
d. Base of free customers (non-paying)
e. Proprietary patents on our technology

We are very much open to equity / cash / title options depending on who we find. If you are interested, please email for more information.

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