Value of heatmaps influencing requirements and decisions

Value of heatmaps influencing requirements and decisions

While some of the out-of-the-box functionality of Google Analytics provides heatmapping features, until we used a tool like, we were truly able to understand the customer behaviors on our site and what to do about it. It’s not just enough to know where customers are clicking, but where they are NOT clicking and attempting to click when there weren’t actionable links.

Below is an image of a heatmap of our homepage. We learned some very critical information about customer behavior and were able to make changes to the experience which will ultimately improve our business goals.

homepage heatmap clearly showing where customers are clicking
1. A good 1/3 of our customers trust the homepage enough to click the “Get Started” button without needing to get more information.

2. About 20% of our customers first want to read about “features and pricing” before deciding to embark on a free trial and register. That tells us that the pricing and features page is a major factor of a customer deciding to register. We can comfortably use Optimizely and AB test that experience and watch how it effects registration conversion.

3. Very few of our customers (less than 5%) click the “Sign Up” button or the “Blog” at the top of the page, which is prime real estate for other information that may improve conversion. For example, we can add the links to company information or customers and see if it makes sense for the customer.

In summary, using AB testing alone is not enough to guide you through the testing maze. Using heatmaps is an awesome tool in suggesting what areas of your site you should focus your tests on. Product marketing business requirements will be influenced with the use of these tools.

Happy Testing!

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