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Requirements Management Survey, Can you spare us 60 seconds?

I’m not gonna BS anyone into thinking you’re gonna get a $50 gift card, nor a few coupons to El Pollo Loco, or even some love advice. We’re just asking for you to spare us 60 seconds to answer this survey….please. We are going to attempt to put together an Infographic which will greatly educate people on what people are really after for a requirements tool. Here’s the link…. Continue Reading

Value of heatmaps influencing requirements and decisions

While some of the out-of-the-box functionality of Google Analytics provides heatmapping features, until we used a tool like, we were truly able to understand the customer behaviors on our site and what to do about it. It’s not just enough to know where customers are clicking, but where they are NOT clicking and attempting to click when there weren’t actionable links. Below is an image of a heatmap of… Continue Reading

Gatherspace in search of bus-dev Partner (co-founder)

Our little company,, has been in business since 2006 as a beta and since then we’ve been chugging along with a handful of employees and contractors, building out our product and slowly increasing our customer base.  Watching the industry grow and new entrants into the market, we feel we’re at an ideal time to bring in a co-founder and funding. What we’re looking for is someone who can compliment… Continue Reading

5 Critical Mistakes when AB Testing

The practice of AB testing has been so common among the product management community, that most mid level product managers understand the basic concepts and know how to put it in practice. Yet, when pressed about how to push AB testing to the limits and how to really move the needle of the business, most product managers fall flat on their face. This is why it can be very dangerous… Continue Reading

Conversion Optimization A/B Testing with Testimonial

Remember when you were a kid and the teacher asked the class for a show of hands, and recall the hesitation to raise your hand until you saw other hands go up. Maybe not an exact comparison, but this anxiety is that of a few things — not wanting to be the first person to do something, and wanting to see credibility before you invest. A credibility indicator is one… Continue Reading



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