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Microsoft Word Integration with your Requirements

When we first started this little project, one of our aspirations was to move customers away from creating and managing requirements in Word to using our requirements tool. And we had great reason, it provided so many benefits such as collaboration, reporting, traceability, and soooo much more. Fast forward over five years later and we still find customers at large just prefer to document requirements using Word. OK, we get… Continue Reading

Significance of Use Case Modeling

Gatherspace has recently provided new functionality that allows customers to turn their use cases into a use case model. Since the release, while many customers have enjoyed this functonality, we have also had many people asknig us what the benefits are? First off, if you haven’t seen the example, you can click the link below to see what it looks like. Here is a brief summary of why having a… Continue Reading

Social Networking within Project Management

I’ll be the first to admit that trying to find a reason for implementing new technology is not as prudent as finding a business reason for the technology. That includes trying to find various usages for social-networking functionality not necessarily on social networking web sites. Some people in the office have been kicking around the idea of integrating social-networking features within project management and/or requirements management. Many of us are… Continue Reading

Experiences with Requisite Pro

As a business analyst in LA for close to ten years, I’ve worked both as a full-time employee and indpendent consultant working for typical LA based fortunte 500 companies including Warner Brothers, The Capital Group, Countrywide Financial and Sony. Honestly, I’m not tooting my own horn. These are very stoggy, conservative companies and the projects are typical not exciting, management is often over-weighted and slow to make any decisions. One… Continue Reading



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