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Conversion Optimization A/B Testing with Testimonial

Remember when you were a kid and the teacher asked the class for a show of hands, and recall the hesitation to raise your hand until you saw other hands go up. Maybe not an exact comparison, but this anxiety is that of a few things — not wanting to be the first person to do something, and wanting to see credibility before you invest. A credibility indicator is one… Continue Reading

Gatherspace in Technorati

We ended 2012 with mentions in a Technorati article discussing the future of Cloud. Gatherspace in the same breath as Google — ahh, maybe a stretch, but we’ll take it!!! “Software is a trillion dollar annual industry and will continue to thrive in many facets of life from medical billing to gaming and everything in between.  With Microsoft seamlessly keeping cloud applications at the forefront of their Office software modeling,… Continue Reading

New Ajax Requirement Associations

Happy Labor Day everyone, Since we initially allowed our customers to have “many to many” relationships between their use cases, software requirements and business requirements, we created a user interface for this that fell a bit short — although got the job done. We have finished a very slick new UX for allowing you to drag and drop requirements to associate with another requirement. Currently, we are *only* beta testing… Continue Reading

3 Steps to Mastering the Product Lifecycle

When we think of the Product Lifecycle, a common image to grasp is that of the upwards line curve that goes from  Product Introduction, Growth and into Product Maturity and finally on to the decline. In a conventional product  lifecycle, these are indeed the four phases of life of a product. However, this hardly takes into consideration the real world evolution of a product or business that iterates and pivots… Continue Reading

New Feature: Email-In is here!

After many requests from customers asking if there’s a way to email in your requirements directly to your project, the answer is yes!  We have devised a way so you have your own custom project email address and basically anyone you want can email in requirements directly to the project. Think how convenient this is. You can be sitting in traffic and have an idea for a requirement and send… Continue Reading



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