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The Power of the Business Analyst

For anyone considering becoming a business analyst, it’s important for you to understand what the perceived definition of this role and expectations from the stakeholders. At the same time, you should consider the power and leverage the business analyst can have. Simply stated, the business analyst should know what the systems (for a given organization) do better than anyone. Obviously they won’t know the technical details of the engienering team,… Continue Reading

GatherSpace in Dr. Dobbs

We started Monday morning with a great mention in Dr. Dobbs  article called “Requirements Management With Prioritization” by Adrian Bridgewater. “To its credit the company has also pointed out that as a hosted cloud application, GatherSpace enables anywhere, anytime access to development-related data so that distributed teams can collaborate on requirements in real-time. This hosted element may indeed be GatherSpace’s most important ace card. With so many application development scenarios… Continue Reading

Tip: Publish a Requirements Report

For those of you who are new to GatherSpace or for those who have not stumbled on to this feature when generating reports, you have the ability to publish a report as a static HTML file that you can send to anyone to view (without forcing people to log in to GatherSpace). Should I be concerned about security? Not at all.  We completely generate a long hash name which would… Continue Reading

10 Tips in working with a Use Case Template

Being able to articulate your use case is critical for your customers and development staff to better understand what you want to build. But having a great use case template that is easy to review, can also be a make or break component of delivering your use cases and selling your requirements. In my days as a business analyst and a product manager I’ve seen some good use case templates… Continue Reading

Case Study for Business Requirements Software

This case study from one of our most prized customers demonstrates how they successfully automated their business requirements process. However, while we were not able to get approval from their legal team to disclose publicize their name with this case study, we are able to make it an anonymous case study and still drive the point home. Customer Profile The company is a publicly traded provider of automated retail solutions… Continue Reading



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